I thought it would be useful to share what I’m doing now.

I’m remodelling my property business post Covid-19 into something more unique for my clients. I want to create fluidity, agility and betterment that we will all delight in. I won’t be focussing on growing my client base until this is done and my property strategy workshops will be limited to a maximum 2 per quarter.

I’m continuing to sow time and attention to my volunteer roles at Audacious Church and FamilyLifeUK. Both involve the championing of renewed minds and healthy relationships, topics very close to my heart.

I’m finalising the dormer loft conversion at home. For 12 months + I’ve put up with unfinished building work and the house being in a state of disarray.  It’s already making me smile to imagine our new top floor suite and a de-cluttered home studio. Environments matter!

I’m continuing to write, following the release of my ebook in December. I finally have some momentum after putting this off for about 4 years!

I'm planning a new venture, something which I think has always been in my DNA to do. Can't say any more at the moment but I'm buzzed up with excitement about it.