For nearly two decades, I’ve been a business owner and property entrepreneur, helping others maximise assets that generate passive income and offer financial freedom, often creating inter-generational wealth in the process. During that time I have been married, divorced and re-married. I’ve been a single mum and a step mum. I have journeyed through some very tough and messy times. I’m an overcomer. I am all these things, and so much more.

I’m a deep thinker, variety seeker, and action taker. I’m a Mancunian. I’m an observer, a contemplator, and a lifetime student. I’m an optimist. I’m intent on living life to full. I’m a fan of simplicity and dancing to ‘old skool’ classics. I like to frequent the old town when I travel, discovering hidden gems off the beaten track. I love antique furniture and vintage items. You can find me, finding myself in silent retreat. I worry about how polarising the world can be and pray for the day we are able to handle our differences better.

I have found strength in sisterhood, empowerment from my coach, and love and acceptance in relationships. Most of all I’ve found identity, healing and purpose in my creator. And, I’m still more than these things. I’m years of experiences. I dream that the pieces I get the privilege to bring to life echo far into eternity. I was made to play an irreplaceable part in a beautiful story.

I’m in God’s hands now. And I will be more things yet to come. x