My Indian Summer

I’m in a warm, calm spell of life A welcome change from the pain and strife Where to next I haven’t a clue It’s an unusual rhythm to get used to   What if this is a time to be still No bump or bend or hill A season to reflect and pause To rest … Read more

How Social Distancing Led to Social Burnout

It was a Wednesday night in the middle of May. I stepped into the bath. No candles this time. I didn’t have the energy for extras. I pressed play on my phone and placed it on the wooden chair at the side. The music came on softly, but powerfully all the same. Tears rolled down … Read more

Boilersuit Breakthrough

For my 47th birthday I wanted to treat myself to something different. Something special. A gift that would stand the test of time.  An investment piece if you like. The idea came to me during one of my regular business coaching calls. And as soon as I decided to do it I felt both excited … Read more